A Peek behind Closed Doors: Displaying and Dealing Art in Rembrandt’s Amsterdam

Activiteit: Toespraak of presentatieAcademisch


In Rembrandt’s time, it was typical for artists to collect and trade works of art besides their own, and they did so from the very place where they lived and worked – their home. With the exception of Rembrandt, we hardly know how artists and art dealers at the time displayed artworks in their homes and negotiated the interior space between the professional use and living quarters. This research will offer a peek behind closed doors of painters and art dealers’ homes through a spatial reading of the extant inventories. This talk will contextualize Rembrandt’s displaying strategies among those of his fellow Amsterdam painters, and it will further scrutinize the art dealer’s house where Rembrandt’s works were exhibited and sold.
Periode16 jun. 2021
Mate van erkenningInternationaal