Assistant Lecturer Visualizing Humanities

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This course will offer analytical and practical training in digital visualization techniques, placed in the broader scope of Digital Humanities and Social Analytics. In terms of critical reflection and theory this is a more advanced course (BA 300) within the Minor Digital Humanities and Social Analytics.

Visualization of data plays an important role in exploring and analysing quantitative data deriving from large and complex datasets, such as relational databases and text corpora varying from 17th century literature to newspaper archives to tweets. Visualizations can be used both to present the end results of research projects as well as to support all phases of the hermeneutic cycle of questioning, searching, aggregating and analysing data. They may reveal patterns and provide leads for new research questions. In this course students will become familiar with visualizations in R and learn to reflect critically on the way they can be used.
Periode26 nov. 201830 nov. 2018
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