BiodiversityXL Live: Follow the birds!

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Bird migration is a phenomenon that has puzzled people already for centuries. But it is much more. It is a flexible solution for birds to ‘follow the food’ for instance. What do we know in 2022 about the evolution and ecology of bird migration? Dr. Henk van der Jeugd (NIOO) will discuss how birds like the small blackcap and the large barnacle goose adapt to major changes, and if they are flexible enough. Dr. Tamar Lok (NIOZ) looks at inexperienced spoonbills on their first migration: how do they know where to go? Is the route coded in their genes, or do they follow experienced adults? Together they will discuss how fast species can adjust their migration routes to a changing world.
Periode21 apr. 2022
Gehouden opVogeltrekstation (VT)
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