Certification Support Workshop: Preservation Planning

  • Linas Cepinskas (Speaker)
  • Ilona von Stein (Speaker)
  • Herve L'Hours (Speaker)

Activiteit: Toespraak of presentatieAcademisch


This workshop was organised as part of Task 4.3 activities concerning certification support for digital repositories and it is the fourth output in the FAIRsFAIR Certification Support Programme. FAIRsFAIR provides support and capacity building, including materials, training and advice for repository managers to improve their knowledge of activities related to the preparations for CoreTrustSeal self-assessments.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

Consider long-term preservation planning and its benefits to repositories.
Discuss the broader view on preservation planning in relation to CoreTrustSeal requirements.
Share best practices of achieving long-term preservation planning.
The workshop participants were the representatives of the ten repositories that have been selected for the Certification Support Programme, a part of the FAIRsFAIR work package 4 (FAIR Certification).

In the presentation slides, you will find two examples of preservation plans (DANS, the Netherlands and the UK Data Archive, the United Kingdom).
Periode11 feb. 2021
EvenementstitelCertification Support Workshop: Preservation Planning