Collateral Councils, 500st Anniversary (Externe Organisatie)

  • Romein, A. (Voorzitter)
  • Marie-Charlotte Le Bailly (Lid)
  • Cools, H. (Lid)
  • René Vermeir (Lid)
  • Monique Weis (Lid)

Activiteit: LidmaatschapLidmaatschap van adviesraadAcademisch


Collateral Councils 1531-2031.
A collaborative workgroup aims to bring together scholars and researchers from the four countries that share a common past as the Habsburg Low Countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and (Northern/North-Eastern) France. The workgroup focuses on the 500th anniversary of the so-called “Collateral Councils” in 2031. The multinational workgroup aims to stimulate and publish hitherto unpublished and novel research in a special issue in the Journal for Digital Legal History (Open Access, peer-reviewed, with ongoing publications).
Periode01 mei 202201 dec. 2031
Mate van erkenningInternationaal