Discover the Data Archiving Guide (DAG) - a training event for new(ish) staff members

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The CESSDA Data Archiving Guide ( is a new resource developed by CESSDA and is designed to provide employees at data archives and repositories with an understanding of the work a data archive performs. The information in the DAG was collected by experts from CESSDA social science data archives reflecting the procedures and policies at their local archives. While the context of these archives varies — in size, the underlying technical architecture or in the specific services provided to researchers — the DAG focuses on common ground and is a useful tool for professionals new to data archiving or those who are knowledgeable in one domain and now seek to broaden their expertise.

The full-day workshop is targeted mainly for new employees in data archives; people generally interested in the DAG are welcome as well.
Periode13 okt. 2022
Gehouden opCESSDA - Consortium of Social Science Data Archives, Noorwegen
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