Dutch Design Innovation in Library, Museum and Information Services in the Netherlands

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This program will be held in collaboration with faculty and professionals from several Dutch academic, research, and cultural organizations, including DANS (Data Archiving and Network Services), the Dutch national eHumanities platform, the office of the Chief Science Officer of the City of Amsterdam, the Delft Public Library (DOK), and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Based in two cities: Amsterdam, the political and cultural capital of the Netherlands; and Delft, a historic university town centrally located between The Hague and Rotterdam, the program will provide students the opportunity to consider the intersection between diversity, innovation, and management in a culture that has many affinities with American society but is different enough to provide a critical perspective on the opportunities and challenges facing libraries and museums here.

The program will examine how innovation works in library, information, and museum services, practices, and designs in the Netherlands and Belgium. It will look at what, exactly, “innovation” means in institutional settings; the interplay between culture and values in program design; the ways libraries and museums work with diversity; research, assessment, and the process of making a case for innovation; and innovation-focused program assessment. We will also look at digital humanities and digital scholarship in general and the role(s) they play in innovation in the contemporary library and museum worlds. We will explore these in topics as well as questions of how the cultural-heritage sector deals with the legacy of colonialism, neo-liberalism, and contemporary social problems in both the Netherlands and the U.S.
We will also examine the political, social, and economic factors that affect the population of people experiencing homelessness in the Netherlands and the U.S. and how that population impacts the work of cultural-heritage organizations.
Outside of the classroom, participants will take part in field trips and site visits to museums, libraries, and historical sites as part of their immersion in Dutch culture.
Periode23 jun. 202320 jul. 2023
LocatieNederlandToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternationaal