Exclusion from social relationships: what do(n’t) we know?

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Paper ”Exclusion from social relationships: what do(n’t) we know?” presented by Jenny De Jong Gierveld at the conference of the COST Network, ROSEnet COST ACTION CA15122, Workshop Policy Event Oslo, Norway, March 9, 2017.

Six Workshop-Policy Events (WPEs) will be held in six different host regions, scheduled at six-month intervals between the opening and closing conferences. Five of these events will focus on different exclusion domains, with the sixth focusing on multidimensional old-age exclusion.
The workshop element, involving Action researchers, policy stakeholders and external expert speakers, will address research questions, innovative policy and practice, knowledge synthesis, and future directions, and will function as a means of cross-fertilisation across the five WGs. The policy element, aimed at generating policy impact for the Action, will involve a seminar for external researchers, policy makers and practitioners from the host region, and will focus on dissemination and innovative responses. Particular consideration will be given to the Action objectives in relation to the host nation region (e.g. Eastern Europe). For the full schedule of these events (with indicative dates) please see the table at the bottom of the page.

First WPE focuses on Social Relations
The first of these WPEs focused on exclusion from social relations and was held at NOVA-Centre for Welfare and Labour Research in Oslo, on March 9th 2017. Click here for the programme.

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