Freya, Dataverse and the PID graph

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NARCIS, the national gateway to scholarly information in the Netherlands ( contains information about publications, datasets, research projects, researchers and organizations. NARCIS is an aggregated from various different sources; publication repositories, CRIS's (Current Research Information System) and data repositories like Dataverse.

One of the aims of NARCIS is to show Research Information in its context. For a publication, context can mean one or more relations to different information types: the underlying data, the project, its funding or related publications. Relationships between the different information types provide essential context to research. Although this can seem to be a straightforward task, in practice there are many challenges.

Especially in information exchange and aggregating information from different sources, PIDs are the only way to relate objects sustainably. In this session we will discuss the possibilities of PID-Graphs by comparing NARCIS PID Graphs with ORCID PID Graphs as part of the EU project FREYA.
Periode21 jun. 2019
Mate van erkenningInternationaal