GGP Data: Introductory Workshop

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GGP (Generations and Gender Programme)
GGP Data: Introductory Workshop on Thursday 28 September 9h30 – 11h (at NIDI). This is especially targeted at people who have never used the GGP before, are curious to see if it could be relevant to their research, and/or are wishing to use the data in the near future. In this workshop, Tom Emery will guide a group of researchers through accessing and exploring the Generations and Gender Programme data. As a complex survey with a cross-national design, the dataset is complex. On top of this the data is largely harmonized after it has been collected and so there are many aspects of the data which can be difficult for new users to get acquainted with. Given this we are hosting this workshop for researchers who are interested in the GGP datasets and how they can go about accessing and using the data.
Periode28 sep 2017