Harmonising Access Procedures for Sensitive Data

Activiteit: Toespraak of presentatieAcademisch


Open Access datasets typically come with creative commons licences that specify the conditions for reuse. For sensitive data, however, access conditions are often strict and much less standardised. More often than not the conditions under which access is granted are unclear to the researcher. Work conducted in the context of the Dutch Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations (ODISSEI) aims to address this challenge.

In this workshop, we want to discuss how existing access procedures and licences associated with sensitivity datasets could be harmonised. We propose an extension of the existing creative commons licences with new licences that summarise the conditions often applied to the reuse of sensitive data. These include, for instance, the verification of the user, their intent, and requirements around the use of secure analysis environments.

We would like to discuss our initial work and evaluate how well the proposed licences would fit with existing use cases and procedures applied to sensitive data within the Open Science community.

The workshop starts with a welcome and short introduction of the ODISSEI infrastructure and project in which the work is situated. We would then like to collect use cases from the community that showcase which procedures for access to sensitive data are currently in place and what challenges participants encounter.

Consecutively, we continue with the presentation of our proposal for managed access licences that we expect could cover some of the identified use cases. After the presentation, we will give the opportunity to discuss and exchange with the audience coming back to the use cases collected in the earlier part of the workshop.

Our workshop aims to break open the discussion on how access procedures for sensitive data can be harmonised providing protection for sensitive data, but following the principles of Open Science.
Periode28 jun. 2023
EvenementstitelOpen Science Conference 2023
Mate van erkenningInternationaal