How repositories can increase their FAIR share

  • Verburg (Maaike), M. L. (Speaker)
  • Patricia Herterich (Speaker)
  • Olivier Rouchon (Speaker)
  • Peter Sutton-Long (Invited speaker)
  • Rudolf Dimper (Invited speaker)

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To better support wider sharing and reuse of research data, many organisations and research groups are developing strategies to foster a FAIR data culture - i.e., one where data are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Repositories play a central role in enabling FAIR data practice and open scholarship. During last year’s Open Repositories conference, the European Commission funded FAIRsFAIR project shared a draft transition programme which is intended to support repositories on their journeys to become more FAIR-enabling by developing guidance and sharing examples of good practice in relation to supporting the production and use of FAIR data. In 2021’s follow-up workshop we share lessons learned in a more intimate collaboration with ten repositories and introduce two online tools for FAIR data assessment. This is the starting point for a discussion about the practical support that repositories may need on their FAIR journey. At the end of this 90-minute workshop for repository managers, research data librarians and data stewards, attendees will have an overview of the FAIRsFAIR materials available to support them in preparing for repository certification as well as the tools for FAIR data assessment provided by the project.
Periode07 jun. 2021
EvenementstitelOpen Repositories 2021: The 16th International Conference on Open Repositories
Mate van erkenningInternationaal