Impact of research in ecogenomics on the sustainable management of agrosystems

  • Kuramae, E. (Invited speaker)
  • João Paulino (Invited speaker)
  • Betina Cecilia Agaras (Invited speaker)
  • Maria Helena Tabuaço Rego Martins Peres (Invited speaker)
  • Scott R. Saleska (Invited speaker)

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Address the theme of Resilience to Climate Change, aiming to promote the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 of the United Nations (UN) among the municipalities of Northwest São Paulo. Considering the climatic and socioeconomic characteristics of the Region, the municipalities will have a great challenge in dealing with the possibility of an increase in fires in rural areas (especially in pastures and sugarcane plantations), the degradation of water sources due to the low vegetation cover native vegetation and soil use, increased frequency of more intense rainfall, climate favoring the increased incidence of epidemic diseases, among others.
Periode09 feb. 202311 feb. 2023
Gehouden opUniversidade Brasil, Secretaria Municipal do Meio Ambiente, Brazilië
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