International Student Mobility in Europe: myths, realities and a future research agenda

  • C. Van Mol (Speaker)

Activiteit: Toespraak of presentatieAcademisch


Presentatie binnen het Sociology Colloquium van de Universiteit van Tilburg, tbv Research Master studenten en de staf.
International student mobility of higher education students is actively promoted by the European Commission and higher education institutions. From a European policy perspective, the promotion of international student mobility would serve two main aims: (1) create a sense of European identity, and (2) enhance the competitiveness of the European Union among global knowledge economies. Nevertheless, in contrast to popular belief and policy discourse, the number of European mobile students remains at a low level today: less than ten per cent of European graduates were internationally mobile. Furthermore, empirical research into the main rationales behind the promotion of student mobility – the promotion of European identity and employment benefits – remains also scarce, which comes as a surprise given that popular exchange programmes such as Erasmus already exist since the 1980s. In this presentation, I will therefore focus on the main findings of my own empirical research into these different aspects of international student mobility, revealing myths and realities, and I finish by outlining a future research agenda.
Periode24 okt. 2017
Gehouden opTilburg University, Nederland