Islam and Modern Media

  • R.L.A. (Richard) van Leeuwen (Teacher)
  • Loukili, S. (Teacher)

Activiteit: Lesgeven/Examinering/SupervisieLesactiviteitAcademisch


This course focuses on [1] how Muslims use modern media to shape their religious thought, practice and networks; and [2] how Muslims represent themselves and are represented in modern media. The period under study covers the appearance of the first Muslim periodicals at the end of the 19th century, radio broadcasting and television, photography and cinema, newspapers and journals, visual arts, internet and social media. Students will work on specific subjects related to these media, such as internet fatwas, rituals, lifestyle, commerce, preaching, conversion, jihadism, salafism, news bulletins, documentaries, movies, art, etc., which will be put into the perspective of theoretical, historical and cultural frameworks. All subjects will be related to ongoing debates and frictions within the Muslim communities in Europe and the Muslim world and strategies to conceive of an Islamic religiosity in the age of modernity. Among the aims of the course is to explore the ways in which digital media can be situated in the field of Islamic studies, both as an object of research and as a research tool.
Periode02 apr. 201916 jun. 2019
Examen gehouden opUniversity of Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities