Journal for digital legal history (Tijdschrift)

  • Dirk Heirbaut (Redacteur)
  • Romein, A. (Redacteur)
  • Florenz Volkaert (Redacteur)
  • Andreas Wagner (Redacteur)
  • Elisabetta Fiocchi Malaspina (Redacteur)
  • Nga Bellis-Phan (Redacteur)
  • Arthur Barrêtto de Almeida Costa (Redacteur)
  • Gijs van Dijck (Redacteur)
  • Stephen Robertson (Redacteur)

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Legal history is traditional in its methods and techniques of research. This is not necessarily a problem, but researchers applying digital tools to legal sources need a place to go. The Journal for Digital Legal History ("DLH") wants to showcase both new methods and the application thereof, by including elaborate graphics, datasets, links, Jupyter Notebooks, metadata and tutorials. As such, the DLH does not limit itself to traditional formats and offers a platform for innovative research, to reach out to colleagues interested in novel approaches and methodologies.
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