Legal sources about the death penalty and its application 1944-1950’

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‘Legal sources about the death penalty and its application 1944-1950’

Within the framework of the punishment of collaboration in Belgium after the Second World War, 242 persons were sentenced to death and executed. These executions were the ultimate penalty for acts of collaboration.
In the spring of this year, the BRAIN 2.0-project Postwarex was launched – a collaboration between the State Archives/CegeSoma (Dr. Dirk Luyten) and the Royal Military Academy (Prof. Dr. Stanislas Horvat). The goal of the project is to thoroughly study executions and the death penalty during the repression of collaboration from the perspective of the military justice system, in charge of punishment of collaboration. The whole judicial chain from the start of judicial investigations to the eventual execution, including the publicity thereof, is examined. Research is predominantly based on the different holdings of the archives of the military justice system. .

The two researchers working on the project, Dr. Elise Rezsöhazy and Dr. Dimitri Roden, have been busy prospecting and partly already analysing relevant sources in the past months. In the course of the workshop, they shall provide an overview of available sources and their shortcomings. They further assess which information these sources yield, to which research issues they may provide answers, or – on the contrary – which questions these sources leave unanswered. The aim of the workshop is to enter a discussion with a number of specialised researchers about the value and utility of these sources and to identify methodological issues. In order to provide a common framework to all participants of the workshop, Johannes Van De Walle (National Archives of Belgium) shall deliver an introduction with an overview of how the archives of the military justice system are organised.
Periode14 dec. 2020
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