Lid van de promotiecommissie PhD candidate Aydin Şekercan, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Activiteit: Lesgeven/Examinering/SupervisiePhD candidate reviewing/examination


Lid promotiecmmissie PhD candidate Aydin Sekercan, “Health service utilisation in a transnational context – Causes and consequences among residents with Turkish or Moroccan backgrounds”, Universiteit Amsterdam.
Promotor: Prof.dr. K Stronks, Prof.dr. R.J.G. Peters. Co-promotor: Dr. M.B. Snijder. Overige leden promotiecommissie: Prof.dr. N.S. Klazinga, Dr. E.P. Moll van Charante, Prof.dr. R. Reis, Prof.dr. C.M. Fokkema, Prof.dr. M.J.A.M. Verkuyten.
Periode10 dec. 2019