Meten en Beoordelen van Bodemkwaliteit

  • Janjo J. de Haan (Organisator)
  • Gerard Ros (Organisator)
  • Koorneef, G. (Organisator)
  • Sophie van Rijssel (Organisator)
  • Chris Koopmans (Organisator)
  • Chantal Hendriks (Organisator)

Activiteit: Deelname aan of organisatie van een evenementWorkshop, seminarAcademisch


A symposium on measuring and assessing the soil quality of Dutch agricultural soils. Discussion on the status of the Dutch agricultural soils is ongoing, and therefore we found it important to bring together researchers working on this topic and to stimulate in this way knowledge exchange and (new) partnerships.
Periode30 sep. 2021
Mate van erkenningNationaal