Plan ahead: practical tools to make your data and software more FAIR

  • Ferguson, K. (Speaker)
  • Mateusz Kuzak (Speaker)
  • Jaro Camphuijsen (Speaker)

Activiteit: Toespraak of presentatieAcademisch


Research Data and Research Software Management is beneficial for the quality of scientific practice, can be time and cost-efficient, and provides recognition for all research outputs. It is, therefore, important to familiarise yourself with the information and tools available to manage your data during various stages of your research. In this workshop, you will be introduced to research output management concepts, such as the FAIR data and software principles, Data Management Plans (DMP), data archiving, and Software Management Plans. This will be followed by hands-on experience with a FAIR data assessment tool and software management guidelines.

Workshop delivered by: Kim Ferguson, DANS, Research Data Management Specialist, Jaro Camphuijsen, Netherlands eScience Center, Research Software Engineer and Mateusz Kuzak, the Netherlands eScience Center, Training Programme Lead
Periode23 mei 2023
EvenementstitelNWO Life 2023: Diversity of Life
LocatieEgmond an Zee, NederlandToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningNationaal