Psychopharmaceutical Prevention & Pilots to Reduce Effects in the water cycle

Activiteit: Lesgeven/Examinering/SupervisiePhD candidate supervision


Over a million Dutch citizens use psychopharmaca like anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, which enter surface waters after use. Designed to affect the nervous system, psychopharmaca will mimic so-called infochemicals, and influence communication and behaviour of organisms. Thereby psychopharmaca potentially disrupt ecosystem structure and functioning. Their expected increased use challenges the management of water quality.
This proposal focuses on possible reductions of emissions and effects. We aim at possibilities to improve regulations, to design more friendly alternatives, understand ecosystem effects and at mitigation by water treatment technologies and nature-based solutions.
Periode01 sep. 202031 aug. 2024
GeëxamineerdeAsmita Dubey
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