RDA & Social Sciences

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Presentation given during the webinar "RDA Webinar - RDA & Social Sciences" organised by RDA-Nordic on November 2nd 2022.

Abstract of the presentation:

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) hosts more than hundreds Interest and Working Groups around various topics related to (open) research data and innovation. For newcomers it can be difficult to navigate the RDA landscape and understand how it operates, and which groups may be relevant to follow. To support (new) social science researchers, DANS has created a report that gives an introduction to RDA and an overview of the groups most relevant for the social science domain. Louise Bezuidenhout and Ricarda Braukmann will present an updated version of this report first published in 2018. In addition, they will provide an overview of upcoming events, initiatives and changes within the RDA.
Periode02 nov. 2022
EvenementstitelRDA Webinar - RDA & Social Sciences
Mate van erkenningInternationaal