Re-use of GT-data, reference models and acknowledge contributions

  • Romein, A. (Speaker)
  • Tobias Hodel (Speaker)
  • Melissa M. Terras (Speaker)
  • Andy Stauder (Speaker)
  • Helle Strandgaard Jensen (Speaker)
  • Gordijn, F. (Speaker)
  • Pauline van den Heuvel (Speaker)

Activiteit: Toespraak of presentatieAcademisch


This workshop discusses best practices for sharing and reusing Ground Truth in Handwritten Text Recognition infrastructures, as well as ways to reference and acknowledge contributions to the creation and enrichment of data within these systems. We discuss how one can place Ground Truth data in a repository and, subsequently, inform others through HTR-United. Furthermore, we want to we want to suggest appropriate citation methods for HTR data, models, and contributions made by volunteers. Moreover, when using digitised sources (digital facsimiles), it becomes increasingly important to distinguish between the physical object and the digital collection. These topics all relate to the proper acknowledgement of labour put into digitising, transcribing, and sharing Ground Truth HTR data. This also points to broader issues surrounding the use of machine learning in archival and library contexts, and how the community should begin to acknowledge and record both contributions and data provenance.
Periode29 sep. 2022
EvenementstitelTranskribus User Conference 2022
LocatieInnsbruck, OostenrijkToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternationaal