Regional Perspectives on Russia's Social and Economic Development, 1800-2000. The Electronic Repository of Russian Historical Statistics:

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The paper presents to the research community a new digital resource for research on the social and economic development of Russia and its regions over the last two centuries (1800-2000): The Electronic Repository of Russian Historical Statistics ( It makes available, free of charge, standardised data-sets on demographics, factors of production (labour, land, capital) and output (agriculture, industry, services) for five historical cross-sections (1795, 1858, 1897, 1959, 2002). Data cover the territory of the modern-day Russian Federation, and are consistently available with a regional break-down at level of individual provinces (gubernii pre-1917/oblasti post-1917).
The Electronic Repository of Russian Historical Statistics was created by a Russian-Dutch team of researchers, led by Gijs Kessler of the International Institute of Social History (IISH, Amsterdam) and Andrei Markevich of the New Economic School (NES, Moscow). It became fully operational in 2020.
The project was intended to serve a twofold aim: first, to mine the wealth of Russian historical statistics and make these data available to the global research community, and, secondly, by making available data with a regional break-down, to provide an impulse to the development of research agendas on Russian history with regional or transnational perspectives. The paper provides a brief outline of the data made available and the methodology adhered to in the data-mining project, and briefly presents the results of three use-cases of the data in research.
Periode23 sep. 2021
EvenementstitelEADH2021: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Data: Second International Conference of the European Association for Digital Humanities
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