Small Worlds and the Big Picture. Creating Networks for Art Histories

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In the project: Golden Agents. Creative Industries and the Making of the Dutch Golden Age, a consortium of Dutch academic and cultural heritage institutions develops a research infrastructure combining semantic web and multi-agent technologies to analyze interactions between the various branches and the production and consumption of (im-) material cultural goods in the Low Countries in the 17th and 18th Centuries, in particular of Amsterdam. 2,000,000 scans of probate inventories of households in Amsterdam are disclosed to get a better understanding of the consumption of cultural goods of the Dutch Golden Age. The aim is to create a big picture of the Dutch Golden Age and to go beyond research questions that are often based on extrapolations of studies of the elite-culture of Amsterdam in the 17th century. For the making of that big picture all sorts of networks need to be (re-)created not only for visualization but also for data curation. One type of networks concerns the creation of small worlds of networks of people to disambiguate and to identify persons from the big data of names in the City Archives of Amsterdam and to link these to metadata of other academic and cultural heritage institutions. On a more generic level working in a distributed network of (inter-)national institutions with different policies and missions will be discussed and the impact of the use of big data for skills and expertise needed in digital research methods of art histories.
Periode01 aug. 2019
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