The current status of Frisia and Frisian

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Guest lecture in the course "Einführung ins Altfriesische".
Old Frisian has its merits in the study of older stages of West Germanic languages, but its descendants, varieties of Frisian in the Netherlands and Germany, form their own field of expertise. These varieties have also been recognised officially as minority languages in their respective environments, and their use or at least preservation is stimulated by several official bodies. Especially the varieties spoken in the Dutch province of Fryslân in the Netherlands has been the subject of a revival, and it is there recognised as an official language for the region, next to Dutch. How and where is Frisian used, what are the prospects and concerns of such a minority language? We gather insight in the descendants of Old Frisian in its current Dutch setting.
Periode26 sep 2018
Examen gehouden opDeutsches Seminar, Universität Zürich