Visible Vowels: a Tool for the Visualization of Vowel Variation

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Visible Vowels is a web application that aims to combine user friendliness with
maximum flexibility and functionality. The app is a useful instrument for research in phonetics, sociolinguistics, dialectology, forensic linguistics, and speech-language pathology. Visible Vowels includes a large deal of the functionality of the aforementioned packages, but offers also new functionalities such as the measurement of long-term formants and comparison of speakers with Huckvale’s ACCDIST metric (Huckvale, 2004). Different from earlier vowel plot programs, Visible Vowels uses a live view, i.e. each time the user changes something in the settings, the plot shown in the viewer is immediately adjusted
accordingly. This makes the comparison of, for example, different normalization techniques extremely easy. Being web-based, Visible Vowel runs on any platform.
Periode08 okt. 2018
Mate van erkenningInternationaal