War Letters & Transkribus

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The digitization and so-called 'datafication' of historical personal documents create an opportunity for (renewed) structuring of digital representations of archival collections. As different transformative processes of scanning, transcribing, annotating, and data curation are inevitably shaped by a series of decisions and choices, NIOD and C2DH aim to reflect on these processes and their implications for historical research. What do these processes encompass? How can we organize them? And what do they bring?

With two workshops in 2022, we aim to bring together archivists, historical researchers, and information specialists working with 20th-century documents – in particular, personal correspondence written in times of war and conflict ('war letters'). We focus on both future and existing projects working on the digitization of these personal documents using READ-COOP's Transkribus software program.

The first workshop aims to create an opportunity for interdisciplinary discussion. We aim to reflect on historical sources and archival collections, archival practices, digitization, datafication, and data curation (in Transkribus). We want to bring together a small and limited group of people from different projects and backgrounds to discuss new ideas, problems, and challenges ahead. In the first workshop, participants are asked to present their project (plans) and/or collection(s). We will discuss the projects' potential, opportunities, pitfalls, and challenges and collect our experiences to create a shared working paper. This document serves as input for our future workshops.
Periode12 jan. 2022
Mate van erkenningInternationaal