West Frisian Language Promotion Campaign

  • Ruth Kircher (Organisator)
  • Mirjam Vellinga (Organisator)

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Based on the findings from the New Speakers of West Frisian project, we are planning a campaign to promote new speakers' use of Frisian. The goal of the campaign is two-fold. (1) We want to motivate traditional Frisian speakers to interact with new speakers in a way that encourages the latter to use Frisian, rather than discouraging them. (2) We want to ensure that new speakers have a better understanding of what to expect in interactions with traditional speakers, and why, to prevent new speakers' discouragement. We aim for the campaign to take place in the late summer / autumn; planning is still in progress. Part of the campaign will take place online, part of it will take place "live" in Fryslân.
Periode2023 → …
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