Health Burdens of Caregiving

  • Damiano UcchedduRijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • ,
  • A.H. (Anne) Gauthier
  • N. Steverink
  • T. EmeryRijksuniversiteit Groningen

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Article 'Health Burdens of Caregiving, Impact of transitioning into and out of spousal caregiving on one’s health' published online via Population Europe's 'Research News' on 23 September 2019, about research 'The pains and reliefs of the transitions into and out of spousal caregiving. A cross-national comparison of the health consequences of caregiving by gender', Social Science & Medicine 240: 112517, Ucceddu, D. Gauthier, A.H. Steverink, N. Emery, T.

Periode23 sep. 2019