Code from: Winter moth RNAseq

  • Natalie van Dis (Maker)



This folder contains all the scripts needed to reproduce the analysis of RNAseq data from winter moth embryos, published in Molecular Ecology : Transcriptional regulation underlying the temperature response of embryonic development rate in the winter moth.

All used software versions are reported in the manuscript.

NB: The raw RNAseq reads can be found on the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) under accession no. PRJEB55675. All processed data used to run the analysis can be found on Dryad, including the final transcriptome incl. functional annotation, GO annotation table, final gene counts matrix, and phenotypic data.
Datum van beschikbaarheid21 aug. 2022
Datum van data-aanmaak21 aug. 2022 - 26 jan. 2023

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