Data from: Aboveground mammal and invertebrate exclusions cause consistent changes in soil food webs of two subalpine grassland types, but mechanisms are system-specific

  • Martijn L. Vandegehuchte (Maker)
  • Wim H. van der Putten (Maker)
  • H. Duyts (Maker)
  • Martin Schütz (Maker)
  • Anita C. Risch (Maker)



Data_OIK-03341.R2.csv contains the data on nematode feeding type abundances and community indices, as well as the data used in the Structural Equation Models of the progressive aboveground mammal and invertebrate exclusion effects on the abundance of bacterivorous, fungivorous, plant-feeding and omni-carnivorous nematode abundance via pathways of plants, soil nutrients, soil microbial biomass, and soil environment in both short- and tall-grass vegetation.
Datum van beschikbaarheid21 jun. 2016

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