Data from: The role of plant-soil feedbacks in stabilizing a reindeer-induced vegetation shift in subarctic tundra

  • Dagmar Egelkraut (Maker)
  • Paul Kardol (Maker)
  • J. De Long (Maker)
  • Johan Olofsson (Maker)



This data file provides the dry weights of two phytometer species, Betula nana and Potentilla crantzii, which were grown in different soils, under controlled conditions for 2,5-3 months. Next to above and below ground weight, we also assessed colonization of the roots by mycorrhizas; ectomycorrhiza on B. nana roots, and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza in P. crantzii roots. Lastly, concentrations of mineral N and P are provided.
Datum van beschikbaarheid18 apr. 2018

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