Data from: Transient negative biochar effects on plant growth are strongest after microbial species loss

  • W.H.G. Hol (Maker)
  • M. Vestergård (Maker)
  • Freddy ten Hooven (Maker)
  • H. Duyts (Maker)
  • T.F.J. van de Voorde (Maker)
  • T.M. Bezemer (Maker)



This excel file contains data from an experiment started July 2011. A paper describing the conclusions from the data is published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry. Basically three times autoclaved soil from Mossel (Ede, NL) is inoculated with soil inoculum or a suspension. The inoculum comes from the Biochar experiment, from treatments control and Biochar600, 6 blocks for each Soil inoculum is applied in 3 densities: 10% live inoculum, 1% and 0,1 % with a total volume of 600 g fw soil/pot Suspensions are made in similar densities, but sieved over 45 um and thus should only contain microbes Non-inoculated control pots are added (6 replicates per block, 36 in total) This dataset contains data from 3 consequtive experiments, presented in one worksheet Dry weight of the soil at the start of the experiment is presented in a separate worksheet
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