Data from: Winter cover crop legacy effects on litter decomposition act through litter quality and microbial community changes

  • Janna M. Barel (Maker)
  • T.W. Kuyper (Maker)
  • Jos Paul (Maker)
  • Wietse de Boer (Maker)
  • J.H.C. Cornelissen (Maker)
  • G.B. De Deyn (Maker)



Data from field experiment on litter decomposition in crop rotation with cover crops (2014-2015), including chemical litter traits (C, N, lignin), mass loss en decomposition rates of winter cover crop litter and standard substrates (filter paper, bamboo, green tea, rooibos tea). Data presented by litterbag and by plot. Soil properties include: mineral N, potential N mineralisation, soil organic matter, soil pH, and also concentrations of PLFA markers and ergosterol. Daily averages of soil temperature and moisture present for limited number of plots. Names of cover crops abbreviated as follows: Lolium perenne (Lope), Trifolium repense (Trre), Raphanus sativus (Rasa), Vicia sativa (Visa). Main crops: Avena sativa (Avsa), Cichorium endivia (Cien).
Datum van beschikbaarheid13 aug. 2018

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  • Verwerkte data

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