Innovating Knowledge: database datasheet



An Excel file containing structured and formalised data about all surviving and identified early medieval Western manuscripts containing the text of the Etymologiae of Isidore of Seville, fully or partially. It records information about the place of origin, provenance, preservation, date of origin, material properties, script, content, the state of preservation, presence of notable features, online representation, and bibliography of 496 manuscripts (v 2.3.2: 492 manuscripts; v2.1: 484 manuscripts; v2.0: 478 manuscripts) dated from the seventh to the first half of the eleventh centuries. This datasheet corresponds to the data published in the Innovating Knowledge database on 26 September 2022 (v2.3.2: 2 August 2022; v2.1: 9 December 2021; v2.0: 12 October 2021), at:
Datum van beschikbaarheid12 okt. 2021
Tijdelijke dekking0650 - 1050
Datum van data-aanmaaksep. 2018 -
Geografische dekkingEurope

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