Old Assyrian

  • Dirk Roorda (Maker)
  • J. Cale Johnson (Maker)
  • Alba de Ridder (Maker)
  • Martijn Kokken (Maker)



This repo is a research environment for the study of cuneiform tablets. You can run your own programs off-line, and publish your work in online notebooks.

This repo contains transliterations of Old Assyrian documents (2000-1900 BC).

Cuneiform tablets have been photographed, and transliterated in ATF files, in which the marks on a tablet are represented by ascii characters.

While the ATF descriptions preserve an awesome amount of precise information about the marks that are visible in the clay and their spatial structure, it is not easy to process that information. Simple things are hard: counting, aggregating, let alone higher level tasks such as clustering, colocation, and other statistical operations.

That is why we have converted the transliterations to an other format, Text-Fabric, which is optimized for processing, adding data and sharing it.

This is cuneiform corpus of ca. 4775 documents (tablets and envelopes) with legible inscriptions.
Datum van beschikbaarheid26 jun. 2020
Datum van data-aanmaak01 jun. 2019 - 26 jun. 2020
Geografische dekkingAssur, Mesopotamia

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  • Verwerkte data

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