Replication Data for: Stable isotope data (15N and 13C) for aquatic food chain consisting of a diatom, a chytrid parasite and a rotifer



Here we present stable isotope and count data from a food-chain experiment consisting of a diatom (Synedra sp), its chytrid parasite (Zygorhizidium planktonicum f. sp. Synedrae) and a rotifer consuming the transmission spores of the parasite (Keratella cochlearis) . The aim of the experiment was to assess the trophic position of all three food-chain components using their natural 13C and 15N isotope signatures, and to measure the nitrogen transfer from the host via the parasite to the consumer of the parasite by tracing 15N of labelled host up the food chain. Experimental treatments and sample preparation are described in detail in Sanchez-Barranco et al., 2020 (2020-08-11)
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