ERC Consolidator Grant

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Helga de Valk has been awarded by the European Research Council (ERC) an
ERC Consolidator Grant based on her project proposal Migrant youth mobility in Europe: Patterns, processes and consequences (MyMove).

The European Research Council (ERC) awards grants to excellent researchers, thus stimulating groundbreaking research in Europe. Consolidator Grants are meant for scientists who want to consolidate their independence by establishing a research team or who have recently created an independent, excellent research team and want to strengthen it.

Prof. dr. Helga de Valk is member of the NIDI management team and honorary Professor of Migration and the life course at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences of the University of Groningen. Her research focusses on the demographic characteristics and behavior of migrant populations.
Toekennende organisatieEuropean Research Council (ERC)