Nomination for Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2018

  • Kashnitsky, I. (Ontvanger) & Schöley, Jonas (Ontvanger)

Prijs: Other distinctionMaatschappelijk


'Regional Population Structures At A Glance' (map) was long-listed for the prestigious Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2018 (Kantar Dataviz Award). Authors: Ilya Kashnitsky (Centre on Population Dynamics and NIDI) and Jonas Schöley (Syddansk Universitet - SDU).
"To map the whole population age structures rather than any single summary measure of ageing, we used ternary colour coding—a technique that maximises the amount of information conveyed by colours. With this approach, each element of a three-dimensional array of compositional data is represented with a unique colour."
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