NWO Veni Grant

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Dr. Laurien Vastenhout has received the prestigious Dutch Research Council (NWO) Veni grant for her research into 'Intermarriage and family'. 'Intermarried’ couples and their families are, and have been, perceived as threats to homogeneous societies and social order in periods of occupation, war and genocide. Using ‘Jewish’/‘non-Jewish’ ‘intermarriage’ during World War Two as a case study, this project explores the agency of ‘mixed’ couples and their search for safety. It investigates whether and how wider family networks supported their coping and survival strategies. In doing so, 'Intermarriage and family' challenges existing perspectives on the role of kin support and family networks in times of crisis and contributes to fields of study stretching beyond Holocaust historiography.

NWO has awarded Veni funding of up to EUR 280,000 to 188 promising researchers from the full breadth of science. This will allow the laureates to further develop their own research ideas over the next three years. Venis are awarded annually by NWO.

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