EOSC Future



The vision of the European project EOSC Future (European Open Science Cloud) is to further develop an operational EOSC platform ('System of Systems') consisting of data, professionally delivered services and open research products and infrastructure that is and will be accessible used by European researchers. These researchers will be engaged, facilitated, trained and supported to use the EOSC resources and solutions. EOSC Future is centered around three core principles: a) the realization of EOSC-Core and EOSC-Exchange with interoperable data and sources; b) the integration of data and resources from the Science Cluster communities into the EOSC platform; c) the direct involvement of users in the co-design and implementation of the EOSC platform.

DANS is participating in this project as a member of OpenAIRE AMKE a legal entity, one of the 35 partners in EOSC Future. DANS is involved in developing an extensive training program to support the EOSC stakeholders in the use of the data, services, and software.
Effectieve start/einddatum01/04/202130/09/2023


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