NWO - STW - LOcal Treatment of Urban Sewage Streams for Healthy Reuse (LOTUS-HR)



LOTUSHR will demonstrate a novel holistic (waste-)water management approach for the recovery of water, energy and nutrients from urban wastewater. The required treatment and reclamation steps will be determined by the water quality needed for safe and healthy reuse in households, industry and urban agriculture. Innovative but proven robust technologies, will be incorporated in a modular pilot treatment plant along the Barapullah drain.

The programme consists of 3 research lines (5 projects); research line one aims at Water Reuse Safety Plans and their socioeconomic and legal impact in combination with quantitative risk assessments of the produced water qualities. The second and third research line will focus on the pre- and post-treatment of wastewater from the Barapullah drain, to make it available for safe reuse. Special attention will be paid to pathogen removal and removing conventional and emerging pollutants. LOTUSHR will lead to development of reliable technologies, tools, models and approaches for local stake-holders enabling market development for water reuse strategies and solutions for other Indian Mega Cities.
Korte titelLOTUS
Effectieve start/einddatum01/01/201731/12/2023


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