A case of disseminated sporotrichosis caused by Sporothrix brasiliensis

Blenda Fernandes, Rachel Basques Caligiorne, Dayana Monteiro Coutinho, Renata R. Gomes, Fabiana Rocha-Silva, Amanda Sanchez Machado, Emanoelle Fernandes Rutren La Santrer, Claudia Barbosa Assunção, Cássio Ferreira Guimarães, Maria Silvia Laborne, Mauricio Buzelin Nunes, Vania A. Vicente, Sybren de Hoog

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This paper presents a case of disseminated sporotrichosis in a 13-year-old female, originating from a rural area in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. The patient was hospitalized in Santa Casa hospital of Belo Horizonte, with hyporexia, prostration, fever and disseminated ulcerative lesions, besides anemia, leucopenia and sepsis of probable cutaneous focus. The patient was admitted without proven immunosuppression. She was diagnosed with cutaneous-disseminated sporotrichosis. The drug therapy chosen was itraconazole during 12 months, leading to important clinical improvement and healing of cutaneous lesions.
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TijdschriftMedical Mycology Case Reports
StatusGepubliceerd - 01 sep. 2018


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