A CLARIAH Environment for Linguistic Research

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With the rise of digital humanities and research infrastructures many tools and services have become available for linguistic research. However, often these tools and services come with their own dedicated environments, e.g., a specific programming or user interface. In the CLARIAH project (CLARIAH-NL, 2019) a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) is constructed, which unifies the access to these dedicated environments and thus lowers the barier for linguists to apply the new methods coming available in the field of Digital Humanities to their own research. This VRE stands in a tradition to provide researchers with an environment that brings together different services and tools necessary for a researcher to perform her work. An important discussion platform is the RDA VRE Interest Group (RDA, 2018). The main features of this linguistics VRE will include:

easy up- and download of a researcher’s own resources;
automatic analysis for known resource types;
automatic indexing of linguistic resources;
profile matching of services and resources;
hide invocation details of different types of services;
storing the provenance track of the resources;
gradually eliciting the resource’s metadata;
persist a resource into a repository.

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EvenementDigital Humanities Conference 2019 - Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Nederland
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