A Multilingual Benchmark to Capture Olfactory Situations over Time

S. Menini, T. Paccosi, S. Tonelli, M. Van Erp, I. Leemans, P. Lisena, R. Troncy, W. Tullett, A. Hürriyetoglu, G. Dijkstra, F. Gordijn, E. Jürgens, J. Koopman, A. Ouwerkerk, S. Steen, I. Novalija, J. Brank, D. Mladenić, A. Zidar

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We present a benchmark in six European languages containing manually annotated information about olfactory situations and events following a FrameNet-like approach. The documents selection covers ten domains of interest to cultural historians in the olfactory domain and includes texts published between 1620 to 1920, allowing a diachronic analysis of smell descriptions. With this work, we aim to foster the development of olfactory information extraction approaches as well as the analysis of changes in smell descriptions over time.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 2022

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