A SANE approach to annotation in the digital edition

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Robinson and others have recently called for dynamic and collaborative digital scholarly editions. Annotation is a key component for editions that are not merely passive, read-only repositories of knowledge. Annotation facilities (both annotation creation and display), however, require complex software, and if only for that reason it makes sense to share these facilities among edition sites. The paper argues we therefore need a protocol for requesting (and serving) annotations, and a markup vocabulary for storing annotations. The paper proposes a SANE (Scholarly ANnotation Exchange) Request Protocol (SANE-RP) and a SANE Markup Language (SANE-ML) and shows an experimental implementation of these in annotations to a digitised emblem book. The edition (the process that generates the edition HTML from the edition XML source) requests annotation information from an annotation server using SANE-RP. The annotation server serves out the annotations (created using the annotation tool EDITOR) stored in SANE-ML.
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