Active ageing in Europe: the role of organisations. Guest editorial

C.J.I.M. Henkens, J. Schippers

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper (overview) is to provide a brief introduction to the topic of active ageing and summarise the seven studies included in this special issue. The authors also acknowledge those who were instrumental in bringing this issue to fruition. Design/methodology/approach - The International Journal of Manpower’s usual double-blind review process was used to select the seven papers included in this special issue. The papers themselves all have a cross-national perspective using data from eight European countries. These papers represent a wide variety of designs, methodologies and analytic strategies used to study active ageing in the paid labour force as well as in civil society. The papers make use of large-scale surveys among employers and volunteers, case studies in organisations, and vital statistics. Findings – The findings of the studies included in this special issue provide insights into the factors and mechanisms that hamper higher participation levels of older adults in paid employment and civil society, and give suggestions on how to improve their inclusion and how to deal with an ageing workforce. Originality/value – Taken as a collective, the papers in this special issue help propel forward in significant ways the study of active ageing from an international and interdisciplinary perspective. keywords: Europe, labour, changing society, retirement, active ageing, international perspective, civil society, employers’ survey
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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Manpower
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