Agency and Institutions in the construction of cross-border innovation spaces

Jos van den Broek

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Even in well-established, economically strong, border regions there is only limited cross-border innovation activity. This leads us to ask why is there not more cross-border regional innovation taking place after six decennia of integration and lowering border barriers? We show that building a cross-border innovation system is an evolutionary process characterised by both progress and setbacks. Entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers organize their cross-border practices alongside their national or regional practices leading cross-border innovation to remain ‘special’ and does not become part of their regular practices. Therefore no institutionalization takes place and the wheel of cross-border working needs to continuously be re-invented. Cross-border collaboration seems to be as difficult as international collaboration, despite the geographical proximity. In order for cross-border innovation to be the new normal, we advise policymakers to develop a coherent vision on cross-border innovation and to widen the involvement of policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurs in innovating cross-border .
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StatusGepubliceerd - 11 okt. 2018


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