Alchemical Practice and the Chemical Humanities

Marieke Hendriksen (Gastredacteur), Megan Priorko (Gastredacteur), Simon Werrett (Gastredacteur)

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This special issue of Ambix is an outgrowth of the Tenth Annual Postgraduate Workshop titled “Society and the Creation of (al)Chemical Knowledge” hosted by the Embassy of the Free Mind in Amsterdam, 29–30 November 2019. This meeting of early career scholars with a shared interest in the history of alchemy and chemistry illustrated the diversity of methodological approaches that contribute to this subfield. Alchemical knowledge, created through practice, language, and material culture, has permeated society since the ancient world. Adepts and laity alike learned to navigate and appropriate the seemingly paradoxical hermetic language and images of alchemy, applying them to an array of societal needs that span time and place. The editorial essay to this special issue of Ambix considers alchemical knowledge-creation through the social lens of language and practice and proposes the inclusive concept of the “Chemical Humanities” to address variations within alchemical practice and the diverse scholarly research methodologies presented in this special issue. We examine the history of chemistry using approaches from the humanities, arts, and sciences and consider the effects of interdisciplinary research today and for the future of alchemical scholarship.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 11 mrt. 2022


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